Friday, February 7, 2020

An Action Plan for Cushy Armchairs Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words - 5

An Action Plan for Cushy Armchairs - Essay Example Even though Sampson had new ideas and plans to change the operations in the company, it was soon found out that her directives were not being met by the company units across the world. A message that she sent to all managers in her company draws zero response and proves that she is not at the helm of affairs of the company. Â  There could be many reasons as to why Sampson had to face issues as Cushy Armchairs. The foremost issue of importance is that Sampson is trying her hand at change and that all employees, irrespective of their status and positions, will have a tendency to resist change. It is also important to note that she has taken charge in an Asian country where gender-specific issues are important when taking orders. Hence she should not expect that her orders will be easily accepted as in her country in Asian regions. Sampson was also seen as making an effort to centralize operations of a company whose operations were already decentralized. The stress of centralizing operations and the importance given to a central administration in her email would have turned opinion against her. Finally, email is not considered as an official form of communication in most part of the world, and hence her email could either have been discarded as a piece of informal communication or there is even the chanc e that the communication never got across to the right people because of lack of knowledge in operating computers or because of a lack of IT infrastructure. Her communication also lacked credibility and accountability since she did not ask for acknowledgment of her communication. Â  It may be argued that resistance to change could be the major issue that would have prompted managers in the company to resist the orders listed out by Sampson. The fact that the founder of the company was being replaced is itself a recipe for discontent within the company.

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