Wednesday, March 11, 2020

5 Splendid Essay Writing Guides to Upgrade Academic Skills

5 Splendid Essay Writing Guides to Upgrade Academic Skills 5 Splendid Essay Writing Guides to Upgrade Academic Skills When you set out to write an essay, it is important to try and expound upon your skill-set whenever possible. This is best done by using essay writing books for college students. These books are all designed to help students improve their current level of mastery over literary writing and analyses. They each bring different qualities and benefits as well. Below are 5 splendid guides you can use to upgrade your academic skills: Essay Writing for High School Students: A Step-by-Step Guide by Newsweek Education This guide is really designed to help high school students prepare for the writing they will need to complete in school, and in college. It is perfect for students who want step-by-step instructions on the different writing styles, various types of essays and papers, and what they need to do in order to complete them well. Writing Clear Essays (3rd Edition) by R.B. Donald, Betty Richmond Morrow, Lillian Griffith Wargetz, and Kathleen Werner This book is designed to offer clearer guidance for students who want to get to the point with their writing. Students might understand the nuts and bolts of writing but not necessarily how to make a clear argument or write with purpose. That is where this guide comes into play. The College Guide to Essay Writing by Jill Rossiter For students who are heading to college, this particular guide is a great thing to have because it offers information and tips on writing at a college level, something that might be vastly different compared to the requirements faced in school right now. It is something that students can keep by their side while they work, as a reference, to which they can turn when new tasks are assigned. Schaum’s Quick Guide to Writing Great Essays by Molly McClain, Jacqueline Roth, and Molly McClain This great guide is written by some experts in the field of writing and helps students to understand the mechanics of essay writing, and specifically how they can write better. This is a guide full of tips on writing clearly, effectively, and covering any form of an academic essay you might face while in school. The Nuts and Bolts of College Writing by Michael Harvey This particular guide is one which really breaks down each component and layer of college level writing which students might face once they reach their college classes. Such a guide is designed to give students a comprehensive breakdown not only of what components there are to each type of college level paper, but what background work is required or how to craft a great thesis for a paper. In order to improve with regard to your college level essay writing, it is best to use essay writing guides which can help you to learn new styles, new ways to evaluate yourself, and new creative writing tasks. With guides like those listed above, you can learn invaluable skills and apply them to your classes with great results.

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