Thursday, November 21, 2019

Immigration in the United States Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

Immigration in the United States - Essay Example Once immigration was taken for granted in the US policy but now, immigration policy occupies a significant space in the political agenda of both, the democrats and the republicans. This paper will explore the perspectives of the various segments of the society like employers, US Citizens and immigrants on the immigrations policies and its altogether impact on the US Immigration Policy, while discussing this, we will also analyze the propaganda used by both the political parties. The employers have always been the keen advocates of the policies in the favor of the immigrants. It is so because; these immigrants ensure the constant supply of the cheap labor. (Katel 2005)They are usually willing to work at lower wages and perform those activities which the US residents don't want to perform like working the farms, restaurants, gas stations etc. That's why; especially the states like Texas and Arizona are strong advocates of the immigrant - favoring policy. (Arizona Secretary of State Proposition 200)Thus it is quite obvious, higher the influence of these employers on the government, the more immigrant favoring policies are expected. Their most strong argument is the fact that cheap labor supply ultimately reduces the cost and thus benefiting the society in general. The US citizens, on the contrary, argue that though it... igrants are engaged with, but the additional burden on tax payers, in order to provide the public utility services to those immigrants is far higher than the reduction in cost.(Kelly 2005) Moreover, they also argue that immigrants are the continuous threat to their employments and above all, their security. The later apprehension has been boosted up sharply in the post 9/11 scenario and the political factions advocating strict immigrant policy used this 'fear factor' to propagate and convince the legislators for constringent immigration policy. Position of President Bush and Current Administration When George W Bush became the president, the illegal immigration was at height and none of the constitutions were able to deter the influx of illegal immigrants. The situation called for a constitutional reform to address the issue. The 9/11 attacks and then the 9/11 commission's report in 2004 highlighting "systemic weaknesses" in border-control and immigration systems, further strengthened the need. All this led to the formation of the 'Fair and Secure Immigration Reform Guidelines'. These guidelines formed the basis of the Comprehensive Immigration Reform. That was further reiterated in Bush's statement of Nov 28, 2005 on 'Securing America Through Immigration Reform'. Comprehensive immigration reform has three major parts: Securing the Border Improving Enforcement of Immigration Laws within The United States Creating a new Temporary Worker Program Position of Republicans and Democrats: The republicans and the democrats represent two separate ideologies. Democrats believe in helping people of the world and thus expending this support even to the non-Americans. This fundamental ideology makes it obvious

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