Sunday, November 24, 2019

The Electromagnetic Spectrum essays

The Electromagnetic Spectrum essays X-rays are used in many ways. The most common is to take X-rays of people. Dentists used it to check for weakenings in the teeth, and doctors use it to look at broken bones. Although X-rays are very helpful they can be harmful too. If youre over exposed to them they can deteriorate your cells and cause cancer. Infrared rays help us detect heat. With special equipment, you are able to take pictures. Infrared rays arent seeable by the naked eye. It is also used to heat food. Remote controls used infrared rays to change the TV channels and radio stations. A negative effect of infrared rays is that they can burn you and cause eye cancer. Short wave radiation is used to talk all around the world. HAM radios use short wave radiation to send signals. A bad thing is that the waves are sometimes too short and the powerful towers have been accused of causing cancer. Ultra violet rays can be used to give a better, more appealing looking skin. Its also been know to cause cancer if you are over exposed to it. Special sunglasses are worn to protect our eyes from these rays. Even though you cant see them, they are still Visible light includes all the colors of the rainbow. This allows us to see in color. The colors we can see are red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and purple. All though its good to be able to see in color, visible light allows us to only see the Gamma rays are very useful in killing cancerous cells. But as with anything good, theres a bad. If gamma rays come in contact with any living cell, it will kill them also. Microwaves have wave lengths measured in centimeters. The longer the waves are close to a foot and they are used to heat our food. They cause radiation and can Radio waves are used to transmit sound and music waves to us. This is good because I like to listen to music. Radio wave can ca ...

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